Tuesday, 13 September 2016

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Petrol prices up by Rs. 3.38 per litre, Diesel prices up by Rs 2.67 per litre from 1st September 2016 in India

Petrol costs up by Rs. 3.38 for each liter, Diesel costs up by Rs 2.67 for every liter from first September 2016. The new costs which incorporates worldwide raw petroleum prices,INR-USD swapping scale and state tolls, will come into successful midnight of August 31,2016 and September 1,2016.
Petrol in Delhi will cost Rs 63.47 for each liter from mid-night of 31st/first of September 2016. Also, a liter of diesel will cost Rs 52.94.
After this correction, a liter of petrol will cost Rs 63.47/liter in Delhi; Rs 66.84 in Kolkata; Rs 68.4 in Mumbai, and Rs 63.02 in Chennai, said Indian Oil Corporation.
The cost of diesel per liter will be Rs 52.94 in Delhi, Rs 55.15 in Kolkata, Rs 58.48 in Mumbai and Rs.54.43 in Chennai.
"The development of costs in worldwide oil business sector and rupee-dollar conversion scale might keep on being nearly checked and creating patterns of the business sector will be reflected in future value changes," said Indian Oil Corporation in an announcement.
Comparative fuel value update seen in other State-claimed fuel retailers Bharat Petroleum Corporation (BPCL), Hindustan Petroleum Corporation (HPCL) and Shell India. you can check changed petrol and diesel cost from other fuel retailer on www.checkpetrolprice.com

The normal cost of petrol around the nation is Rs 65.43 for each liter, and The normal cost of diesel around the nation is Rs 55.25 for every liter. In any case, there is generous distinction in these costs among state, urban communities and fuel retailers. The distinctions in costs crosswise over India are because of the different neighborhood charges on petrol and diesel.
Increment in Retail Selling Price of Petrol and diesel (counting State demands) with relating value amendment in different States additionally accessible on this site.
Diesel and petrol Prices may shift crosswise over Retail outlets in the same city. These costs are for characteristic purposes just and may not reflect latest value changes.
State oil organizations update fuel costs each fortnight to adjust them to universal ones and change for conversion standard. Current value modifications may likewise have sway on stock cost of IOC,HPCL and BPCl.


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